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We love you Rachey
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27th-Jan-2009 09:05 am - The List
Twilight - apple
This post will contain all the people who are willing to give/make something for Rachey.

How it works.
You leave an entry to this post with the filled out form you can find below.

Graphics, fanfics etc.
You can post them in this journal, we'll make sure they get the proper tags. I, Ellen, shall print them out and bind them together in one big book.

The paid stuff.
If you want to send something to Rachey herself, we figured it would be awesome if we could do it in one big parcel. You know like a care package. Thing is, do you trust us enough with whatever you're going to buy Rachey? If not than by all means contact her family for the address and send it yourself. We're not going to force you into anything ;) If you do trust us you can contact me for my address and I'll collect everything and send it off to Rachey.


The Form.
LJ Name:
My Gift: Leave a short description of what you made/gave and if you have a link please insert a link too

26th-Jan-2009 10:16 pm - What, Why, How
Krish7, smolder
As you all know one of our friends Rachey has been in an accident recently. It's shocked many of us, being that Rachey is a lovely and warm hearted person, it is horrible to think of this happening to her. For those of you whom perhaps this is the first time you've heard of this (although I suspect for those of you looking here would) here is a little info on what has happened.

Three passengers sustained serious injuries in a car crash with a tractor trailer Thursday night at Concession 15 and Haldimand Road 55 in the former township of Walpole, Haldimand County.
Haldimand OPP say that at about 7 p.m., a blue 1998 Ford Explorer SUV operated by Bonnie Potts, 39, of Waterford with three female passengers was travelling southbound on Concession 15. The Ford Explorer slid through the intersection at Haldimand Road 55 and struck the axle of a fully loaded tractor-trailer travelling eastbound. Upon impact into the tractor-trailer, the three female passengers were ejected from the SUV. The SUV then spun into the northeast ditch where it came to rest.
The driver of the SUV and transport truck were not injured, however, all three passengers of the SUV did sustain injuries.
Stephanie Roloson, 19, of Dunnville, was taken to West Haldimand General Hospital where she was airlifted to ST. Micheals Hospital in Toronto with life threatening injuries. Brittany Boulliand, 20, and Rachel Bonnet, 21, both of Norfolk County, were transported to Hamilton General Hospital with serious injuries.
Haldimand County OPP along with a West Region OPP Technical Traffic Collision Investigator are continuing to investigate.

Now if you have been following the she has been progressing slowly but surely. She has various surgeries coming up, plenty of wounds and broken bones that need to heal, as well as fighting of various infections. That said she *IS* making progress, and I for one am constantly checking the facebook page for more updates from her parents and her sister to make sure our Rachey is getting well again because we all miss her. So continuing your words of encouragement on FB are greatly encouraged!

So what is the purpose of this LJ? Quite simply we (Ellen & Vix) have decided that we need to come together to do some kick ass things for Rachey both for her time in the hospital and for when she finally comes home in the coming months. The idea had initially arisen because I thought that within the accident her Ipod might have been destroyed as she takes it everywhere with her. However she has been listening to her Ipod at the hospital to go to sleep too which is fantastic: that girl can't function without listening to music. So we are trying to think of what we can do for Rachey that she'll like, that she'll enjoy.

No we do not require you to donate money if you do not wish. We are thinking of putting a collection together to get Rachey some things that she'll like: Twilight is our first and foremost thought on this for the recently converted Edward lover. However other dedications that do not require money are also encouraged and can be posted here: fanfictions of fandoms and characters that Rachey love are most definitely encouraged. Banners, Icons, E-cards are just a few other things off of the top of my head that can be made for her. More messages of love and encouragement are also welcomed, messages that we can ask her family to pass on when she's awake. Basically we just want to band together to show our support, so that we can not only show Rachey that we care about her but to help her family know how many lives she has touched.

Thank you for your support
Ellen & Vix
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